LawPanel is a next generation platform with all you need to manage IP rights throughout the lifecycle.

A best in class experience with clean, intuitive interfaces and frictionless work flows


LawPanel’s proven docketing, portfolio and case management tools are the easiest way to keep IP records accurate. Together with trademark tools there are templates for designs, copyright and domains. Patent capabilities are being added.

Case management

  • Adaptive and powerful
  • Customisable templates fit any matter or type of IP
  • Group working across lawyers, clients, and other stakeholders

Trademark docketing

  • Elegant one-screen workflows
  • Automatic deadlines and reminders based on registry renewal requirements
  • Easy viewing and reporting of deadlines by individuals, groups or all
  • Batch updates

Portfolio management

  • Use local records or official registry data
  • Compare records and correct highlighted differences


There’s now a better, more cost effective way to protect IP. With our advanced data automation you get new insights in real time and inefficient working is reduced. Manual data collection and entry is cut. From maintaining records to completing registry forms our friendly automation lends a hand.

Data automation

  • Data from more than fifty registries increasing to eighty in 2019
  • Automatic updates and alerts on record status changes
  • Auto-filling of registry forms reduces copy and paste

Trademark clearance search

  • Initial clearance searches in seconds
  • Check all relevant registries simultaneously
  • Produce reports quickly and easily

Trademark watching

  • Watch any and all trademarks at no additional cost
  • Set how often you receive search reports


Enjoy a best-in-class experience, with collaborative case management, client areas and integrated communications. With careful and thoughtful design, streamlined workflows and easy access to all key information, all users can have a contemporary experience that delights and exceeds expectations.


  • Comprehensive, customisable reporting on any data over any time span
  • Use pre-set templates or customise to own requirements
  • Schedule reports to run automatically, such as end of day ‘still on docket’

Client area

  • Your firm’s quality and brand values are reflected in LawPanel’s client area
  • Puts everyone on the same page, both figuratively and literally
  • Clean, modern design with intuitive work areas
  • Easier, more fluid and low friction communication

AI powered assistant

  • Meet Aila, the world’s first Chatbot with specialist expertise in IP
  • Uses advanced Natural Language processing to understand and respond to questions
  • Answers questions on trademark law, classes, and even runs initial clearance searches
  • Lets lawyers focus on high value work, not doing the repetitive and robotic


We have everything a trademark firm needs to operate online. This extends to billing, invoicing and payments  with Stripe. All in a single easy to setup solution. Our APIs make it easy to connect into your existing website and other software tools


  • Take client payments by card, effortlessly and immediately
  • LawPanel has a full integration with Stripe, the most advanced card processor trusted by Google, Amazon and Facebook


  • Bill clients, raise invoices and manage receipts from within LawPanel
  • Ideal for smaller IP firms and those operating online online

Fee calculators

  • Clients can obtain fee estimates, in real time whenever they want with our flexible, customisable  fee calculators
  • Raises service levels for clients and reduces admin time and cost
  • Renewals are much easier to manage, with overseas associate firms able to update their cost information

Our simple, flexible pricing model is tailored to suit the needs of your practice

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