Trying LawPanel is painless

  As the number of firms trying LawPanel grows daily we thought we’d give a quick overview of what this looks like. We make it easy Add just one or two portfolios to begin with. There are no fees during this phase. We do the data import and setup. We give you a data cleaning […]

We showcase LawPanel at the MDR Lab demo day

Last week our time on the MDR Lab program culminated with us presenting the LawPanel platform to an audience of lawyers, journalists, and industry experts. It was great to have so much positive feedback and show off what LawPanel can do.

Is all this technology good for us?

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with technology. We love the convenience it brings, but we also feel overwhelmed by how absolutely it permeates our lives. Given the recent news coverage about social media sites, quite a few people have started asking that same old question: is all this technology good for us?

How technology can help women in the law

The majority of Law graduates in the UK are women, and yet, despite recent strides, women are still underrepresented at the top of the profession. We look at the role technology is playing in helping women overcome the challenges they face in the legal sector.

AI , people, and the superficiality of rationality

More and more people are beginning to worry about the idea of AI as a “black box” . As AI begins to encroach on more and more complex human tasks, some people want to make sure they know what’s going on inside an AI’s mind. Our CEO Mark explains why he isn’t one of them.

Inside Mishcon de Reya’s MDR Lab

It’s been an exciting two weeks so far at the MDR Lab. We’ve gotten new insights into the trademark sector, met some great legal-tech companies, and, as you can see, we also got to play with a 3D printer.

LawPanel joins Mischon de Reya’s MDR Lab

We’re excited to be taking part in this year’s MDR Lab, run by Mishcon de Reya. We’ll be working with the IP team at Mischon de Reya to develop our understanding of this fast-evolving legal sector.

We talk to World Trademark Review about the power of APIs

Thomas Brattli, our CTO, writes in World Trademark Review about the trademark registries and APIs. It’s an acronym we use all the time, but what does it actually mean and why does it have such revolutionary potential for the trademark sector?