Our mission is to build great software so legal service delivery is simpler, quicker, cheaper

We believe that software should be built around your practice, not the other way around!

Fifteen years ago

we started to work on automating Trademark searching, building one of the best algorithmic search tools, since used for more than 1,000,000 searches.

Ten years ago

we launched Trademark Direct, which soon became the most prolific trademark advice and registration service in the UK.

Five Years Ago

we conceived of a platform for law firms large and small to deliver more of their services online. Quicker, simpler and for lower cost.

This is LawPanel

The Team

Mark Kingsley-Williams

Founder, CEO

Mark previously founded Trade Mark Direct, a leading UK firm that used dynamic programming to automate trademark searching. Before that he’s been a senior manager and angel investor in the business that became the online gaming leader Gamesys, as well as Commercial director at Infinitesima, a world leader in nano-scale imaging technology.

Thomas Brattli

Founder, CTO

A coding wunderkind, Thomas was working internationally as a developer whilst still in his teens. Turning down offers from Google and Microsoft, he left Norway to pursue a career that took him all over the world, before co-founding development company Blackfish.

Sebastián Guerrero

Co-founder, Lead Developer

With over twenty years of experience, Sebastián has worked on projects for clients all over the world before joining LawPanel. Another self-taught coder, Sebastián can legitimately be claimed as a 10x programmer.

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Gustavo Hurtado

Senior Developer

Gustavo’s approach to work is to never stop learning. Since graduating with a degree in computer engineering, he has spent over fifteen years finding new challenges and building up his skills as a developer.

Omar Jouda

Product Manager

Omar graduated with a BSc in Computer Engineering and an MSc in eBusiness through winning the Oxford Brookes Gaza Scholarship. A natural entrepreneur with a wide range of skills, he has set up charitable projects with the American Consulate in Jerusalem. Before joining LawPanel, Omar worked with ExaServe, the largest web hosting provider in the ME.

Nadine Chora

Digital Marketing

Fluent in Arabic, French, English, and Spanish, Nadine is our social media and digital marketing guru. Nadine has a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Business Analysis & Management. Before she joined the team at LawPanel, she worked at an agency affiliate of the Publicis Group.

Tim Jukes


An experienced graphic designer and developer, Tim has worked both in the corporate sector and arts world, with clients including artists and cultural institutions. By combining his coding skills and fine arts background, Tim makes sure LawPanel is easy to use and beautiful to look at